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Modify title and references in guidelines addendum doc
- Add 2018.01 to title to match reviewer guide, release notes, etc. as this document may change per release - Modify link for Governance Guidelines to reflect ratified doc on domain Change-Id: Ifdaa287b2919c44d408aa0ddd0b164b8ca4f406d Signed-off-by: Eddie Arrage <> (cherry picked from commit abf0aff0c239e1011d43bc0c12a2acd7335bb924)
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.. (c) Intel and others
-OPNFV Verified Program - Guidelines Addendum for Danube
+OPNFV Verified Program - 2018.01 Guidelines Addendum for Danube
.. toctree::
@@ -59,7 +59,7 @@ Assumptions about the System Under Test (SUT) include ...
Scope of Testing
-The `OPNFV OVP Guidelines`_, as approved by the Board of Directors, outlines
+The `OVP Governance Guidelines`_, as approved by the Board of Directors, outlines
the key objectives of the OVP as follows:
- Help build the market for
@@ -415,6 +415,6 @@ Applicants who choose to run the optional test cases can include the results
of the optional test cases to highlight the additional compliance.
.. References
-.. _`OPNFV OVP Guidelines`:
+.. _`OVP Governance Guidelines`:
.. _`Pharos specification`: