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2017-09-21Add parallel execution and shortcut notification to inspector design guidelineYujun Zhang5-1/+48
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2017-08-23Merge "add maintenance detailed spec"Tomi Juvonen2-0/+156
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2017-08-09Add Collectd as a Monitor TypeUmar Farooq1-0/+36
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2017-03-12Add installation and configuration instructions for Vitrage as the Inspector.Ifat Afek1-0/+47
2017-03-08Merge "Adding Labels"Carlos Goncalves7-0/+14
2017-03-08Adding LabelsShubhamRathi7-0/+14
2017-03-07Adding back the summary to the requirement document, but updated withGerald Kunzmann1-0/+21
2017-03-07Merge "Updated implemented architecture description and figure"Carlos Goncalves3-113/+66
2017-03-06Updated implemented architecture description and figureCarlos Goncalves3-113/+66
2017-03-02Updates to Danube release documentation: JIRA: DOCTOR-81Gerald Kunzmann2-37/+0
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2017-01-26Merge "Update the documentation to Danube release: JIRA: DOCTOR-81"Ryota Mibu8-82/+198
2017-01-24Merge "Several editorial corrections and improvements"Carlos Goncalves4-26/+44
2017-01-19Editorial fix on the fault table in 5.5.3Gerald Kunzmann1-1/+1
2017-01-19Merge "Several updates to the alarm comparison table in Section 5.5.3"Carlos Goncalves1-41/+75
2017-01-19Several updates to the alarm comparison table in Section 5.5.3Gerald Kunzmann1-41/+75
2017-01-16Detail more on fencing mechanismsCarlos Goncalves1-7/+11
2017-01-09Several editorial corrections and improvementsGerald Kunzmann4-26/+44
2017-01-05Update the documentation to Danube release: JIRA: DOCTOR-81Gerald Kunzmann8-82/+198
2016-12-13Add performance-profiler to indexYujun Zhang1-0/+1
2016-12-13Merge "Inspector design guideline"Gerald Kunzmann2-0/+47
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2016-08-30Adjust the structure of doctor/userguide dirJulien-zte6-69/+31
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2016-08-23Update version info of imageliyuanzhen1-1/+1
2016-08-22Updated Doctor user/config guides using opnfvdocs templatesBertrand Souville4-1/+60
2016-08-11Adding comparison of NFV, Doctor and AODH alarmsTommyLindgren@gerrit.opnfv.org1-0/+86
2016-08-10Merge "Add newest Colorado feature"Bertrand Souville1-5/+13
2016-08-10Add newest Colorado featureLeeYZ1-5/+13
2016-08-10Add a subsection under "Doctor capabilities and usage" sectionLeeYZ1-1/+4
2016-08-05Merge "Port status update"Ryota Mibu3-1/+185