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+.. This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 International Licence.
+Deployment Test Guide
+After successful deployment of openstack, daisy4nfv use Functest to test the api of openstack.
+You can follow below instruction to test the successfully deployed openstack on jumperserver.
+1.docker pull opnfv/functest
+run 'docker images' command to make sure have the latest functest images.
+2.docker run -ti --name functest \
+-e INSTALLER_TYPE="daisy"\
+-e INSTALLER_IP="" -e NODE_NAME="zte-vtest" \
+-e DEPLOY_SCENARIO="os-nosdn-nofeature-ha" \
+-e BUILD_TAG="jenkins-functest-daisy-virtual-daily-master-1259" \
+-e DEPLOY_TYPE="virt" opnfv/functest:latest /bin/bash
+Before run above command change below parameters:
+DEPLOY_SCENARIO: indicate the scenario
+DEPLOY_TYPE: virt/baremetal
+NODE_NAME: pod name
+INSTALLER_IP: daisy vm node ip
+3.Log in the daisy vm node to get the /etc/kolla/ file, and write them in /home/opnfv/functest/conf/openstack.creds file of functest container.
+4.Run command 'functest env prepare' to prepare the functest env.
+5.Run command 'functest testcase list' to list all the testcase can be run.
+6.Run command 'functest testcase run testcase_name' to run the testcase_name testcase of functest.
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