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Nomination of Committer promotion for Ya Zhou
I'd like to nominate Ya Zhou(IRC name 'zhouya') for Daisy4NFV core reviewer. Ya started to work on Daisy4NFV since the beginning of the project and he has made significant contribution to project during E release cycle including adding support of deploying Ceph, Cinder, ODL and etc... [1][2] I have had a talked with him offline and he expressed willing to contribute more to Daisy4NFV project and I believe he will make a great addition to the core review team. All Daisy4NFV committers, please vote +1 or +2 if you support this nomination [3]. [1] [2] [3] Change-Id: I479ee737781d2692ef68edf3d86cb11a6ae0428f Signed-off-by: Zhijiang Hu <>
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