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2018-07-19fix external veth pairHarry Huang1-4/+4
JIRA: COMPASS-604 Fix name of external veth pair too long issue Change-Id: Iae4ac3bac3f528875d7c8b40ea76e0c89c28b9a0 Signed-off-by: Harry Huang <huangxiangyu5@huawei.com>
2018-07-16Add external veth pairHarry Huang1-0/+9
JIRA: COMPASS-604 Add veth pair and connect them to br-external. OpenDaylight can bind that veth instead of the external interface. Change-Id: I26f122bf8cab0943b7b056050de01381bab6d395 Signed-off-by: Harry Huang <huangxiangyu5@huawei.com>
2018-05-08Upgrade OpenStack version from Pike to Queensramamani yeleswarapu1-1/+3
Change-Id: Ice7b3204ade23571df41fc4effb91bb5e125abac Signed-off-by: Ramamani Yeleswarapu <ramamani.yeleswarapu@intel.com>
2017-12-12Bug fix for CentOS BM deploymentYifei Xue5-12/+42
JIRA: - In order to configure network for OSA deployment, it's needed to install some packages, such as bridge-utils, iputils, etc. So we configure external network before using yum to install packages. Change-Id: I87864d6bdae79184aa82223f77b6ced1d0e9cf26 Signed-off-by: Yifei Xue <xueyifei@huawei.com>
2017-11-28Upgrade OpenStack version from Ocata to PikeYifei Xue7-17/+42
JIRA: COMPASS-565 For OPNFV F release, it's going to use OpenStack Pike as the NFVI component. This task is created to monitor the upgrade work of OpenStack Pike. Subtasks as follow: - Add Pike related configurations to compass_conf - Upgrade ubuntu os to ubuntu 16.04.3 - Upgrade centos os to centos 7.4 - Upgrade openstack-ansible from ocata to pike - Upgrade openstack repos from ocata to pike Change-Id: I2202e8e3ae23dae8e575c89170c9e5e057757870 Signed-off-by: Yifei Xue <xueyifei@huawei.com>
2017-09-01Support multiple physnet mappingHarry Huang1-12/+12
JIRA: COMPASS-559 1. support multiple mapping in provider_net_mappings of network.yml and create corresponding ovs bridges 2. support seperate config in sys_intf_mappings of network.yml 3. remove linux bridges in compute nodes for ovs port binding convenience 4. support openstack vlan tenant network 5. modify odl and odl_sfc roles to use configurable provider mapping 6. remove some hard coding Change-Id: Ib57484ce60d029f89c647fd5baf2c7af37c85d0b Signed-off-by: Harry Huang <huangxiangyu5@huawei.com>
2017-08-31Support offline deployment for nosdn no feature scenarioYifei Xue3-0/+16
JIRA: - Add a repo docker which includes ubuntu PPA and python packages used for offline deployment. Change-Id: Iad9b0df7f33f5a7ab974c5deffb408fc93b3f3ad Signed-off-by: Yifei Xue <xueyifei@huawei.com>
2017-08-11Adapt network.yml to OpenStack AnsibleHarry Huang1-26/+49
JIRA:COMPASS-557 1. modify sys_intf_mappings and ip_settings in network.yml to synchronize with OSA network. networks compass build will be mgmt, external, tenant, storage. 2. modify compass_conf to support new netwok.yml 3. fix some hard coding when transfer ip parameters 4. support heterogeneous network Change-Id: Ib4a8af1f96a40e6456242e3dc2b456e0c8c17c2e Signed-off-by: Harry Huang <huangxiangyu5@huawei.com>
2017-07-12Fix bug the controller node when baremetal deploywutianwei1-0/+2
We need to flush the handle to restart network, before checking network. improve the message when failed Change-Id: If38198c62b4bf81d38b294264db30514998fe086 Signed-off-by: wutianwei <wutianwei1@huawei.com>
2017-07-06fetch openrc for functestwutianwei4-0/+70
We use openstack-ansible to deploy the openstack, the position of openrc is different from the before. change the apt source when use local apt repository Change-Id: I1c5492b294a8645f452868c9cf2fec2e0802f823 Signed-off-by: wutianwei <wutianwei1@huawei.com>
2017-07-03Fix DNS flushchigang1-1/+0
JIRA:- It doesn't need to config DNS in ansible roles, just need to set NAMESERVERS variable Change-Id: I37a70b32c766c1fad7afa5289ffbbc27b956b2d5 Signed-off-by: chigang <chigang@huawei.com>
2017-06-30Change the apt sourcewutianwei1-1/+1
1. change the apt sorce from http://hk.archive.ubuntu.com to http://archive.ubuntu.com 2. if setup host failed, destroy the failed lxc. then retry to setup. 3. fix the dns-nameserver bug Change-Id: Ic609c75b50496e2174ab09425bce45a0ec2c09c0 Signed-off-by: wutianwei <wutianwei1@huawei.com> Signed-off-by: chigang <chigang@huawei.com>
2017-06-27Support Centos7wutianwei9-7/+134
1. install the yum packages 2. add the ifcfg scripts to adapt Centos7 3. change MaxSession to 100 4. if setup-host failed, retry to run the failed container Change-Id: I57589d38f6af1677cb889875c85d6b8bac5c80d0 Signed-off-by: wutianwei <wutianwei1@huawei.com>
2017-06-26Fix config-compute handlerHarry Huang1-66/+0
The network restart handler comes at the end of all tasks which cause pkg install task be executed when network is not ready. Flush this handler right after configure network tasks. Change-Id: I98b9f6f0f2ec0b79632188a481673529a1b522bb Signed-off-by: Harry Huang <huangxiangyu5@huawei.com>
2017-06-09support Containerized compass-corehuangxiangyu4-0/+160
JIRA: COMPASS-534 1. rm compass vm and add ansible to bring up 5 compass containers 2. use tar package instead of compass.iso which contains compass docker images, OS ISO, PPA, pip packages. 3. modify client.py to communicate with containerized compass-core 4. modify cobbler files and ansible callback files to adapt with containerized compass-core 5. upgrade openstack version to ocata 6. use the openstack-ansible to deploy openstack 7. virtual deploy external use nat Change-Id: Ifa2a3f5b8c7c32224ac4276fd3d4cc2b0d270a26 Signed-off-by: huangxiangyu <huangxiangyu5@huawei.com>