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fix testsuite name bugs and improve some ui details
JIRA: BOTTLENECK-247 fix the bug where the testsuite name contains Chinese characters. add license header automatically when a testcase created. ui improvements: workflow panel only turns up when a testcase executes. add grafana pages in the webpage 'Test Result'. add the highlight effect on the navigation item. Change-Id: If0ddf82fd4630128f2c4dd7fdde30f037e5bfba7 Signed-off-by: LeoQi <>
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diff --git a/test-scheduler/server/src/ b/test-scheduler/server/src/
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--- a/test-scheduler/server/src/
+++ b/test-scheduler/server/src/
@@ -44,7 +44,12 @@ def parse(filepath):
return workflowId
-def parseTestcase(schema, tcName='testcase0'):
+def parseTestcase(schema, tcName='testcase0.yaml'):
+ try:
+ tcName.decode('ascii')
+ except Exception, e:
+ print e
+ tcName = 'testcase0.yaml'
if schema is None:
return parseLog(False, reason='schema not found.')
steps = schema['steps']