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Bottlenecks_ is an OPNFV Project.
-The project's goal is
-The Project's scope is
+The project's goal is to find system bottlenecks by testing and verifying
+OPNFV infrastructure in a staging environment before committing it to a production environment.
+Instead of debugging a deployment in production environment,
+an automatic method for executing benchmarks which plans to
+validate the deployment during staging is adopted.
+This project will provide frameworks to find the bottlenecks of OPNFV infrastructure.
The *Bottlenecks* framework is deployed in several OPNFV community labs. It is
installer, infrastructure and application independent.
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Rubbos Introduction
-framework description
-to test what?
+Rubbos is a bulletin board benchmark modeled after an online news forum like Slashdot.
+It is an open source Middleware and an n-tier system model which
+is used to be deployed on multiple physical node
+to measure the whole performacne of OPNFV planform. for release B.
+Rubbos can deploy the Apache, tomcat, and DB.
+Based on the deployment, rubbos gives the pressure to the whole system.
+When the system reaches to the peak, the throughput will not grow more.
+This testcase can help to understand the bottlenecks of OPNFV plantform
+and improve the performance of OPNFV platform.
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