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Finalize docs for Danube 1.0
JIRA: BOTTLENECK-145 Polishing docs and finalizing docs for Danube 1.0. Change-Id: Iea5490785bce802aff37b7f52172d7f14ea358e0 Signed-off-by: yuyang <>
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@@ -44,6 +44,9 @@ Version History
| Mar 24nd, 2017 | 1.2 | Bottlenecks Danube release 1.0 |
| | | |
+| Mar 24nd, 2017 | 1.3 | Bottlenecks Danube release 1.0 |
+| | | |
@@ -190,7 +193,16 @@ not supported in this release.
Known restrictions/issues
+* In Danube, Bottlenecks use Yardstick to do stress tests by iteratively calling yardstick running test cases and in the meantime increasing load.
+ * Sometimes, Yardstick just waits for the test environment preparing.
+ This cause troubles since it seams to get Yardstick into a loop to keep waiting.
+ For OPNFV CI, this loop will be automatically stopped because of the default timeout setting. However, for local testing, user should stop this loop manually.
+ * Sometimes, Yardstick will return empty test results with test flag indicating test is excuted succefully.
+ It maybe because of the environment issue or poor internet connection causing tools are not installed successfully.
+* Sometimes, a process will go to dormancy. In this case, if a tool is installed in the SUT and its process go dormancy, we try to call it twice. Normally, it will response.
Test results
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@@ -76,19 +76,3 @@ Test suite & Test case Description
| | |
| | (posca_factor_sys_bandwidth) |
-Installation of Testsuites
-Setting Up Configrations
-Run Tests Brief
-* More will be shown in the platform overview
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@@ -22,8 +22,7 @@ understand the E2E system behavior and deployment requirements.
Goals of the POSCA testsuite:
a) Automatically locate the bottlenecks in a iterative manner.
- b) Automatically generate the testing report for bottlenecks in
-different categories.
+ b) Automatically generate the testing report for bottlenecks in different categories.
c) Implementing Automated Staging.
Scopes of the POSCA testsuite:
@@ -31,26 +30,80 @@ Scopes of the POSCA testsuite:
b) Parameters choosing and Algorithms.
Test stories of POSCA testsuite:
- a) Factor test (Stress test): base test cases that Feature test and Optimization will be
-dependant on.
+ a) Factor test (Stress test): base test cases that Feature test and Optimization will be dependant on.
b) Feature test: test cases for features/scenarios.
c) Optimization test: test to tune the system parameter.
Detailed workflow is illutrated below.
-* TODO Add image here
Preinstall Packages
-* TODO Description of dependent packages
+* Please refer to release notes.
Run POSCA Locally
-* TO Description of POSCA testing steps
+POSCA testsuite is hight automated regarding test environment preparation, installing testing tools, excuting tests and show the report/analysis. A few steps are needed to run it locally.
+It is presumed that a user is using Compass4nfv to deploy OPNFV Danube and the user logins jumper server as root.
+Downloading Bottlenecks Software
+.. code-block:: bash
+ mkdir /home/opnfv
+ cd /home/opnfv
+ git clone
+Preparing Python Virtual Evnironment
+.. code-block:: bash
+ .
+Excuting Specified Testcase
+Bottlencks provide a CLI interface to run the tests, which is one of the most convenient way since it is more close to our natural languge. An GUI interface with rest API will also be provided in later update.
+.. code-block:: bash
+ bottlenecks [testcase run <testcase>] [teststory run <teststory>]
+For the *testcase* command, testcase name should be the same as the name of the test case configuration file located in testsuites/posca/testcase_cfg.
+For the *teststory* command, a user could specified the test cases to be excuted by defined it in a teststory configuration file located in testsuites/posca/testsuite_story. There is also an example there named *posca_factor_test*.
+There are also other 2 ways to run test cases and test stories.
+The first one is using shell script.
+.. code-block:: bash
+ bash [-h|--help] [-s <test suite>] [-c <test case>]
+The second is using python interpreter.
+.. code-block:: bash
+ python testsuites/posca/ [testcase <testcase>] [teststory <teststory>]
+Cleaning Up Environment
+.. code-block:: bash
+ .
Run POSCA through Community CI
-* TODO Description of POSCA integrated into CI system
+* POSCA test cases are runned by OPNFV CI now. See for more information.
Test Result Description
-* TODO hwo to access the test result
+* Please refer to release notes and also