BranchCommit messageAuthorAge
masterUpdate containers to CentOS Stream 8Emma Foley9 months
stable/moselleUpdate containers to CentOS Stream 8Emma Foley9 months
stable/lakelse[docs] Release notes for LakelseEmma Foley12 months
stable/kali[ci] Remove disabled packages from the RPMs list.Emma Foley17 months
stable/jerma[ci] Update DPDK package versionEmma Foley18 months
stable/iruyaTemperarily disable SNMP in one click installEmma Foley3 years
stable/hunterAdd git installation to docker guideMatthias Runge4 years
stable/gambiaMerge "docker.userguide: Add a note about bar-collectd run without DPDK/RDT" ...Aaron Smith4 years
stable/fraserdocs: Updating Compass4nfv installer support in Fraserramamani yeleswarapu5 years
stable/euphratesdocs: Adding Compass4nfv installer support detailsramamani yeleswarapu5 years
stable/danuberelease notes: update for danube 3.0Maryam Tahhan6 years
stable/coloradodocs: add a configguideMaryam Tahhan6 years
stable/brahmaputradocs: adding license to all rst files.Maryam Tahhan7 years
opnfv-10.0.0commit 968f66fc28...jenkins-ci24 months
opnfv-9.0.0commit 0353bf9ad8...jenkins-ci3 years
opnfv-8.1.0commit 6fe9f36a63...jenkins-ci3 years
opnfv-7.1.0commit 7cb6bd3a71...jenkins-ci4 years
opnfv-6.1.0commit 70a568ed8e...Aric Gardner5 years
opnfv-6.0.0commit 70a568ed8e...agardner5 years
danube.3.1commit 88591e782d...Maryam Tahhan5 years
danube.3.0commit 88591e782d...Maryam Tahhan5 years
danube.2.0commit 2d91c6022a...Maryam Tahhan6 years
danube.1.0commit 2d91c6022a...agardner6 years
colorado.2.0commit f96d00b535...Maryam Tahhan6 years
colorado.1.0.1commit f96d00b535...Maryam Tahhan6 years
colorado.1.0commit 6612dbb972...Maryam Tahhan6 years
brahmaputra.1.0commit f8f1cd3b38...Maryam Tahhan7 years