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2018-01-11docs: update ves documentation and add steps to run on baremetal nodesGordon Kelly6-97/+182
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2017-04-24docs: update userguide with SNMP Agent plugin known limitations section.Roman Korynkevych1-0/+8
2017-04-19dpdk stats: add known issues/limitationsMytnyk, VolodymyrX1-0/+29
2017-03-29docs: update userguide for DPDK pluginsPrzemyslaw Szczerbik1-49/+42
2017-03-29docs: userguide virt plugin instructionsPrzemyslaw Szczerbik1-0/+139
2017-03-28docs: update ovs plugins userguideTaras Chornyi1-14/+4
2017-03-26Merge "ipmi doc: build OpenIPMI lib from sources"Maryam Tahhan1-2/+51
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