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2017-03-13Introducing an external tool for the Barometer mcelog testCalin Gherghe1-0/+0
This patch adds the use of mce-inject utility during the mcelog testing. It also includes a few (unrelated) flake8 corrections. Change-Id: Idd3a7005aad1d1d1f7ae2d3107fbd02c959798c8 Signed-off-by: Calin Gherghe <calin.gherghe@intel.com>
2017-03-10Fix for Functest 'BarometerCollectd ERROR - Private key file not found'Calin Gherghe1-16/+0
This patch addresses the blocking Functest issue regarding the ssh keys. It eliminates the need of using the baro_utils/get_ssh_keys.sh script. Change-Id: I4499e48257ddab955ae6694c2ece0bff5e877cad Signed-off-by: Calin Gherghe <calin.gherghe@intel.com>
2017-02-17Initial Barometer Functest ScriptsCalin Gherghe1-0/+16
This patch adds scripts to be used with Functest for the barometer project. This will be expanded with future patchsets. Change-Id: I627f5e9c2b0d693f34bdc4f205989b0913f338db Signed-off-by: Calin Gherghe <calin.gherghe@intel.com>