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docker.userguide: Add chapter about cleanup influxdb/grafana
Added chapter about cleaning influxdb and grafana configurations. Config files for both are stored in folders that are shared between container and Host machine - it is good to remove them when removing barometer docker containers in case of re-installation or changing active setup. Change-Id: If84c0f0ee91560275b4834bc98dbdff518a059a8 Signed-off-by: Radoslaw Jablonski <radoslawx.jablonski@intel.com>
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Connect to <host_ip>:3000 with a browser and log into grafana: admin/admin
+Cleanup of influxdb/grafana configuration
+When user wants to remove current grafana and influxdb configuration,
+folowing actions have to be performed
+1. Stop and remove running influxdb and grafana containers
+.. code:: bash
+ sudo docker rm -f bar-grafana bar-influxdb
+2. Remove shared influxdb and grafana folders from the Host
+.. code:: bash
+ sudo rm -rf /var/lib/grafana
+ sudo rm -rf /var/lib/influxdb
+.. note::
+ Shared folders are storing configuration of grafana and influxdb
+ containers. In case of changing influxdb or grafana configuration
+ (e.g. moving influxdb to another host) it is good to perform cleanup
+ on shared folders to not affect new setup with an old configuration.
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