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docs: update PMU documentation
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@@ -376,6 +376,18 @@ Building and installing *jevents* library:
$ make
$ sudo make install
+Download the Hardware Events that are relevant to your CPU, download the appropriate
+CPU event list json file:
+.. code:: bash
+ $ wget https://raw.githubusercontent.com/andikleen/pmu-tools/master/event_download.py
+ $ python event_download.py
+This will download the json files to the location: $HOME/.cache/pmu-events/. If you don't want to
+download these files to the aforementioned location, set the environment variable XDG_CACHE_HOME to
+the location you want the files downloaded to.
Building and installing collectd:
.. code:: bash
@@ -403,6 +415,23 @@ include:
ReportSoftwareEvents true
+If you want to monitor Intel CPU specific CPU events, make sure to enable the
+additional two options shown below:
+.. code:: bash
+ <Plugin intel_pmu>
+ ReportHardwareCacheEvents true
+ ReportKernelPMUEvents true
+ ReportSoftwareEvents true
+ EventList "$HOME/.cache/pmu-events/GenuineIntel-6-2D-core.json"
+ </Plugin>
+.. note::
+ If you set XDG_CACHE_HOME to anything other than the variable above - you will need to modify
+ the path for the EventList configuration.
For more information on the plugin parameters, please see: