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authorEmma Foley <efoley@redhat.com>2020-11-20 17:34:31 +0000
committerEmma Foley <efoley@redhat.com>2020-12-07 11:40:12 +0000
commit968f66fc2837744dfe8db69d2314cef3f0cb0800 (patch)
parentf521375d6e898bbdef7abcd9cae25677af96bd82 (diff)
[ansible][dpdk] Disable dpdkstats and dpdkevents by defaultopnfv-10.0.0
The dpdk_telemetry plugin superceeds the dpdk{stats,events} plugins, and these cannot be enabled together. Since the stable container on CentOS 8 uses DPDK 19.11, the dpdk_telemetry plugin should be used instead. Change-Id: I20e087b40ff90ba95741aaff641ef1a745d77dd8 Signed-off-by: Emma Foley <efoley@redhat.com> (cherry picked from commit 508d79cc25bc84396322bde054310b0d804fb6b7)
2 files changed, 13 insertions, 2 deletions
diff --git a/docker/ansible/roles/config_files/tasks/dpdk.yml b/docker/ansible/roles/config_files/tasks/dpdk.yml
index 775e4837..5ae05cbb 100644
--- a/docker/ansible/roles/config_files/tasks/dpdk.yml
+++ b/docker/ansible/roles/config_files/tasks/dpdk.yml
@@ -18,6 +18,8 @@
src: dpdkstat.conf.j2
dest: "{{ config_file_dir }}/dpdkstat.conf"
+ # require this to be explicitly enabled
+ - never
- dpdkstat
- name: enable dpdkevents plugin
@@ -25,6 +27,7 @@
src: dpdkevents.conf.j2
dest: "{{ config_file_dir }}/dpdkevents.conf"
+ - never
- dpdkevents
- name: enable dpdk_telemetry plugin
diff --git a/docs/release/userguide/installguide.oneclick.rst b/docs/release/userguide/installguide.oneclick.rst
index 19ba48a1..bdb7a06a 100644
--- a/docs/release/userguide/installguide.oneclick.rst
+++ b/docs/release/userguide/installguide.oneclick.rst
@@ -308,14 +308,22 @@ the following plugins:
``processes``, ``swap``, ``turbostat``, ``uuid``, ``uptime``, ``exec``,
``hugepages``, ``intel_pmu``, ``ipmi``, ``write_kafka``, ``logfile``,
``mcelog``, ``network``, ``intel_rdt``, ``rrdtool``, ``snmp_agent``,
- ``syslog``, ``virt``, ``ovs_stats``, ``ovs_events``, ``dpdkevents``,
- ``dpdkstat``, ``dpdk_telemetry``
+ ``syslog``, ``virt``, ``ovs_stats``, ``ovs_events``, ``dpdk_telemetry``
.. note::
Some of the plugins are loaded depending on specific system requirements and can be omitted if
dependency is not met, this is the case for:
* ``hugepages``, ``ipmi``, ``mcelog``, ``intel_rdt``, ``virt``, ``ovs_stats``, ``ovs_events``
+.. note::
+ The ``dpdkstat`` and ``dpdkevents`` plugins are disabled by default (in
+ favour of the ``dpdk_telemetry`` plugin) and need to be explicitly enabled
+ in order to use them:
+ .. code:: bash
+ $ sudo ansible-playbook -i default.inv collectd_service.yml --tags "all,dpdkstats,dpdkevents"
List and description of tags used in ansible scripts