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document for Fraser release, including HA schema analysis for OPNFV. currently mostly focusing on VIM. will extend the content to include other components JIRA: HA-34 Change-Id: I50c308357db16eedd501542b2439d5d5311eaa5e Signed-off-by:
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2017-09-14Merge "Updating HA GUEST API OVERVIEW DOCUMENT based on Bertrand Souville's ↵Qiao Fu4-314/+56
comments. - adding standard Doctor / Vitrage Fault Mgmt Architecture Diagram, and - refering to Doctor SB API"
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2017-03-17Updating HA GUEST API OVERVIEW DOCUMENT based on Bertrand Souville's comments.gwaines4-314/+56
- adding standard Doctor / Vitrage Fault Mgmt Architecture Diagram, and - refering to Doctor SB API ------------- Updating HA GUEST API OVERVIEW Proposal after review with OPNFV DOCTOR Team. Minutes from meeting, that were addressed as part of this update are below. - VM Heartbeating & Health Checking * libvirt watchdog and its integration / use with OpenStack > > > Need to review behaviour of this capability as compared to the proposed VM Heartbeating/Health-checking > i believe there is a bit of overlap but believe that VM Heartbeating / Health-checking provides a more complete solution > i'll update document with a NOTE on comparing the proposal with the libvirt watchdog * Update the architecture diagram to be consistent with the most current DOCTOR Architecture Diagrams > e.g. Vitrage & Congress are not necessrily deployed at same time > use DOCTOR terminology where applicable, e.g. "inspector modules" > OPNFV DOCTOR includes patches/components of AODH, NOVA, NEUTRON ... not just Vitrage and Congress, as shown in diagram - although also had comment that should remove OPNFV DOCTOR outline from diagram as OPNFV DOCTOR is a reuirement specification and not an implementation > indicate (possibly just in text below diagram) that the "Guest Heartbeat / Health-check Server' on Controller Node is possibly not required, as the Vitrage data source interface can be remotely reached by "Guest Heartbeat / Health-check Compute" on the Compute Node * In text, provide a little more detail on content of actual messaging e.g. PDUs and rough message content * OVERALL > believe there was a general agreement in the way that VM Heartbeating & Health-checking was integrated / inter-worked with OPNFV DOCTOR's Vitrage / Congress and overall OPNFV fault reporting architecture > key feedback was to understand and highlight the additional value of the VM Heartbeating & Health-checking functionality over the existing libvirt watchdog integration into OpenStack. - Server Group Messaging * suggestion that Rabbit MQ pub/sub messaging could be an alternative for routing of messages > this is an implementation detail though * general discussions on "HA use cases" for how this messaging could be leveraged > e.g. split-brain avoidance, faster peer VM state change notifications * OVERALL > agreement that the Server Group Messaging Architecture did NOT conflict with Doctor Architecture > need further review with OPNFV MANO Team as to how they would position this functionality e.g. - position it as an alternative for various HA use cases ? - versus - mandating that this service group messaging be used for specific HA user cases Change-Id: Icd54bbf8889017cfe3f617656ddf483cbb171e63 Signed-off-by: gwaines <>
2017-03-16Sorting out git conflicts.gwaines4-6/+280
------------------------ Updating based on March 29 OPNFV HA Meeting. Had general consensus on Heartbeating/Health-checking section and the VM Messaging section as a "PROPOSAL". I re-worded Title, Doc Status, Introduction and Conclusion to position the document as PROPOSAL status. ( NOTE I removed the more controversial VM Notification and Feedback section as we could not get to consensus on this topic in timeframe. ) -------------------------- Updating Commit based on online comments. Mostly clarifications of information already discussed. AND added HTML and PDF version of document for easier reading. -------------------------- Updating Commit based on third round of review during OPNFV HA meetings, as well as submitted comments on the review. I updated the Overview document mostly with - specific deliverables for each capability - an indication in both the Introduction and the Conclusion that the intent or next steps for this proposal will be to review this document with the related teams of OPNFV (e.g. Doctor, Management & Orchestration) and OpenStack (Nova). I also removed the lower level documents from the commit since we need to focus on closing the high-level proposal first, and we haven't reviewed the lower level documents. -------------------------- Updating Commit based on second round of review during OPNFV HA meetings, as well as submitted comments on the review. NOTE - I have ONLY updated the Overview document, looking to gain consensus on that before fixing up the lower level documents. The major update was to include the higher level context of how the proposed functionality integrates into the overall NFV / OpenStack architecture. I have included such an Architecture Diagram for each of the major functionalities described in the document and updated the descriptions to describe this overall integration. -------------------------- Updating Commit based on initial review during OPNFV HA meeting, as well as submitted comments on the review. Major updates included: - provided a new OVERVIEW document that describes the full suite of HA Guest APIs and focuses on how these APIs can be used to improve the availability of the hosted guest. - split the original document into two documents * Base Host-to-Guest Messaging Layer (that is leveraged by several HA Guest APIs) * Server Group Messaging API, OpenStack Host Design and Reference Guest Design (the first HA Guest API being considered for D release) -------------------------- Committing draft version of HA Guest APIs - Server Group Messaging documentation for review. Word, PDF and rst versions of documentation are available. Change-Id: I1e44efe6052dfa84cdffd9bbebe8be86e4992121 Signed-off-by: gwaines <>
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