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2017-08-23Migrates Apex to PythonTim Rozet1-219/+0
Removes all bash libraries and converts almost all of the code to a mixture of Python and Ansible. and still exist. will be migrated fully to in another patch. The Apex Python package is now built into the opnfv-apex-common RPM. To install locally do 'pip3 install .'. To deploy: opnfv-deploy -d <file> -n <file> --image-dir /root/apex/.build -v --debug Non-python files (THT yaml, settings files, ansible playbooks) are all installed into /usr/share/opnfv-apex/. The RPM will copy settings files into /etc/opnfv-apex/. JIRA: APEX-317 Change-Id: I3232f0329bcd13bce5a28da6a8c9c84d0b048024 Signed-off-by: Tim Rozet <>
2017-08-01Add overlay_ip_version config for IPv6 tenant networksFeng Pan1-0/+2
Change-Id: I03b28bdcc6d0649920fd58fb3400b2a4e5891e68 Signed-off-by: Feng Pan <>
2017-02-18Add support for odl-fdio scenarioFeng Pan1-5/+0
Changes: - Kernel parameters are now set through first-boot.yaml during deployment. No custom images will be built. Note that all nodes will be configured the same way, we only use compute's kernel parameter settings currently (from deploy settings file) - Add support for VPP interface type in network settings file, it is now possible to specify vpp_interface type and uio_driver for tenant nic in network settings file. A new example config, network_settings_vpp.yaml is added. - Add support for odl_l2-fdio scenario. Limitations: - Physical NIC names must be specified in network settings file, numbered nic names such as nic1 are not supported for fdio scenarios. - The same kernel parameters will be configured for all nodes. The paramters will be taken from compute kernel parameter section in deploy settings file. opnfv-tht-pr: 104 opnfv-puppet-tripleo-pr: 12 os-net-config-pr: 3 Change-Id: Ie9d6151e6e58d11da3c66fbcabe4a0886c3fa152 Signed-off-by: Feng Pan <>
2016-12-02Fixes using single network (previously called flat) for deployTim Rozet1-20/+21
Also contains various network parsing fixes. JIRA: APEX-361 Change-Id: I5e40ed67267d5ded85adc2982a8726ebbceaeae5 Signed-off-by: Tim Rozet <>
2016-11-29Renames 'usable_ip_range' to 'overcloud_ip_range'Tim Rozet1-4/+4
'usable_ip_range' was confusing for a lot of users, and most thought it encompassed all of the defined ranges in the network settings file (like floating_ip_range and introspection_range). This renames it to be more accurate. JIRA: APEX-288 Change-Id: I2e106666df1bfd007f150279e2e0387a64cd0f48 Signed-off-by: Tim Rozet <>
2016-11-11Migrate to stable/newtonTim Rozet1-1/+5
os-odl_l2_nofeature is now deprecated since new netvirt only supports odl_l3. JIRA: APEX-299 Change-Id: I3557ecb85fa4cd11bba96aa9410e56a8e8cceb00 Signed-off-by: Tim Rozet <>
2016-09-22migrating to proposed common network settings fileDan Radez1-60/+66
- proposed in genesis - This patch updates the network_settings files in the config/network dir and updates the associated bash, python and python tests relative to the new yaml structure and nomenclature used in the proposed settings file JIRA: APEX-262 Change-Id: Ib0dc9d0f21465b38f2a53cff20f71fb9230bfc48 Signed-off-by: Dan Radez <>
2016-09-20Handling file loads and tmp dirs differentlyDan Radez1-1/+1
Change-Id: I602279b30b035cfc667e4ee9b83905a638440abb Signed-off-by: Dan Radez <>
2016-08-24adding more testsDan Radez1-31/+30
- increasing required test coverage to 90% - also consolidating some repeated code into functions Change-Id: I6b582478c509c24fce43224a516414e1ead6c8e4 Signed-off-by: Dan Radez <>
2016-08-11Making NetworkEnvironment a dictDan Radez1-50/+42
Change-Id: I983f4483b328268413d4ec66c753f1219d59fd27 Signed-off-by: Dan Radez <>
2016-08-09Making NetworkSettings a dictDan Radez1-5/+4
Change-Id: Ib7fc4e9ca543a4c678576ea2119fa606ece0095c Signed-off-by: Dan Radez <>
2016-08-03Adds configuring vpp/hc on all nodesTim Rozet1-1/+14
Changes include: - starting vpp with pci addr of tenant nic - setting performance options for fdio scenario - creates nosdn fdio scenario (needs newtorking-vpp, etc) - starts HC if ODL is used opnfv-tht-pr: 46 JIRA: APEX-133 Change-Id: Ie7a7f1418b94dfb82255ec9aebc550a955dd696a Signed-off-by: Tim Rozet <>
2016-07-15Fixes public vlan network settingsTim Rozet1-0/+1
JIRA: APEX-201 Change-Id: I3ba8d5e38e203bb4f23679a3b91de97c591de146 Signed-off-by: Tim Rozet <>
2016-07-13correction to a conditional in nic templateDan Radez1-5/+7
Change-Id: Ibed808350163379fcfa5178c78fabe2f47e491fc Signed-off-by: Dan Radez <>
2016-06-30Syntax updates and new testsDan Radez1-30/+31
- syntax updates to match pep8 standards - tests to cover Change-Id: Ifac06fdbb97266f1b574b20610979b6965d6dd55 Signed-off-by: Dan Radez <>
2016-06-28Adding VLAN supportDan Radez1-2/+13
JIRA: APEX-136 JIRA: APEX-30 Change-Id: I7cbbe11f4c1f1455dba253733c78fe8dc215de97 Signed-off-by: Dan Radez <>
2016-06-12Add ipv6 support in network environmentFeng Pan1-18/+50
Change-Id: I8db0cc0f715e95414e20f8a1e4d49f8d77e7b9ae Signed-off-by: Feng Pan <>
2016-06-09Merge "Add API network support"Tim Rozet1-0/+25
2016-06-08Enabling DNS server assignment in entwork settingsDan Radez1-0/+1
Change-Id: Ibb30129ca52392cd152b6af61e0545ba47153bda Signed-off-by: Dan Radez <>
2016-06-06Add API network supportFeng Pan1-0/+25
- Create additional NIC on virtual deployment if API network is enabled. - Include API network in clean - Change keystone admin api network to admin network. This should have no effect when api network is disabled, as today's behavior is to fall back to admin network anyway. However, when api network is defined, we need to be able to reach overcloud from undercloud through keystone admin api network. Change-Id: Ib0aea4a0daeed5878793530c10d8f8a1bbe5fd72 Signed-off-by: Feng Pan <>
2016-06-02Migrates network environment parsing to pythonTim Rozet1-0/+135
Change-Id: Ibaf20a2960a9f4b5e3f256fbed12a61d7606a967 Signed-off-by: Tim Rozet <>