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2017-02-18Add support for odl-fdio scenarioFeng Pan1-142/+0
Changes: - Kernel parameters are now set through first-boot.yaml during deployment. No custom images will be built. Note that all nodes will be configured the same way, we only use compute's kernel parameter settings currently (from deploy settings file) - Add support for VPP interface type in network settings file, it is now possible to specify vpp_interface type and uio_driver for tenant nic in network settings file. A new example config, network_settings_vpp.yaml is added. - Add support for odl_l2-fdio scenario. Limitations: - Physical NIC names must be specified in network settings file, numbered nic names such as nic1 are not supported for fdio scenarios. - The same kernel parameters will be configured for all nodes. The paramters will be taken from compute kernel parameter section in deploy settings file. opnfv-tht-pr: 104 opnfv-puppet-tripleo-pr: 12 os-net-config-pr: 3 Change-Id: Ie9d6151e6e58d11da3c66fbcabe4a0886c3fa152 Signed-off-by: Feng Pan <>
2016-08-31Modifies L3 Agent for FDIO DeploymentsTim Rozet1-0/+142
L3 Agent needs to use OVS driver for external interfaces and NSDriver for Internal interfaces. JIRA: APEX-252 opnfv-tht-pr: 73 Change-Id: Ic96e30421a1f1308c358a644e5602ca738091695 Signed-off-by: Tim Rozet <>