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Fix links in Apex install manual
JIRA: APEX-338 Due to the change of DOCS-156, OPNFV document html is now 'single HTML' file, instead of multiple HTMLs. This fix changes hyperlinks of document. Change-Id: Ifbb12cdeb8edad1b7444f8c7d25ced0eef94eb14 Signed-off-by: Tomofumi Hayashi <>
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@@ -246,5 +246,5 @@ Follow the steps below to execute:
3. When the deployment is complete the undercloud IP and ovecloud dashboard
url will be printed. OPNFV has now been deployed using Apex.
-.. _`Execution Requirements (Bare Metal Only)`: requirements.html#execution-requirements-bare-metal-only
-.. _`Network Requirements`: requirements.html#network-requirements
+.. _`Execution Requirements (Bare Metal Only)`: index.html#execution-requirements-bare-metal-only
+.. _`Network Requirements`: index.html#network-requirements
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@@ -65,5 +65,5 @@ Verifying the Setup - VMs
To verify the set you can follow the instructions in the `Verifying the Setup`_
-.. _`Install Bare Metal Jumphost`: baremetal.html
-.. _`Verifying the Setup`: verification.html
+.. _`Install Bare Metal Jumphost`: index.html#install-bare-metal-jumphost
+.. _`Verifying the Setup`: index.html#verifying-the-setup