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authorTim Rozet <>2016-07-15 22:04:24 -0400
committerTim Rozet <>2016-07-18 16:35:00 -0400
commit1f5bede73d99f89a3cf1ec5fae7b30cee454b6c8 (patch)
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Allows specifying nic order for overcloud nodes in network settings
Currently there is no way to specify logically or physically the nic order to be used on overcloud nodes. We always hardcode to use nic1 for admin network, nic2 for private, etc. This patch allows a user to not only decide which logical nics to use for which network, but also specify physical interface names if they need to. This is done on a per role basis, due to tripleO limitation. So a user is able to specify nic order/names for compute and controller roles separately. If a user specifies nic order, they must specify it for all networks other than admin network. We assume if admin network is unspecified it uses "nic1", so that name is reserved in this case. A user is also allowed to specify a mixture of logical and physical names, for example "nic2" and "eth3" on another network. JIRA: APEX-151 Change-Id: Ie9d4abb463cf8f8788913cb4bcf9486830adc449 Signed-off-by: Tim Rozet <>
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diff --git a/config/network/network_settings.yaml b/config/network/network_settings.yaml
index 793c10d..7c0f501 100644
--- a/config/network/network_settings.yaml
+++ b/config/network/network_settings.yaml
@@ -34,6 +34,8 @@ admin_network:
network_type: bridged
bridged_interface: ''
bond_interfaces: ''
+ compute_interface: nic1
+ controller_interface: nic1
@@ -50,6 +52,8 @@ private_network:
enabled: true
vlan: native
+ compute_interface: nic2
+ controller_interface: nic2
# "public" network is used for external connectivity.
# The external network provides Internet access for virtual
@@ -62,6 +66,8 @@ public_network:
enabled: true
network_type: ''
bridged_interface: ''
+ compute_interface: nic3
+ controller_interface: nic3
vlan: native
@@ -77,12 +83,16 @@ storage_network:
enabled: true
vlan: native
+ compute_interface: nic4
+ controller_interface: nic4
# enabled: true
# network_type: bridged #Indicates if this network will be bridged to an interface, or to a bond
# bridged_interface: '' #Interface to bridge to for installer VM
# bond_interfaces: '' #Interfaces to create bond with for installer VM
+# compute_interface: nic4 #Interface used for this network on the compute node. Can either be logical nic name like "nic1" or real name like "eth1"
+# controller_interface: nic4 #Interface used for this network on the controller node. Can either be logical nic name like "nic1" or real name like "eth1"
# vlan: native #VLAN tag to use, native means none
# usable_ip_range:, #Usable ip range, if empty entire range is usable, ex.,
# gateway: #Gateway (only needed when public_network is disabled), if empty it is auto-detected