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authorTim Rozet <>2016-07-11 11:57:06 -0400
committerTim Rozet <>2016-07-13 11:04:05 -0400
commit7054599033d84f87037badf6ed896483417af2f6 (patch)
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Fixes build and deploy options for SFC/ONOS
SFC for colorado will be based on OVS 2.5.90 which does not need 3.13 kernel. This patch removes 3.13 kernel updates, adds OVS 2.5.90 and sets default odl_version to use boron (required for SFC with OVS 2.5.90). Also updates OVS build to a working one for ONOS. JIRA: APEX-156 JIRA: APEX-199 Change-Id: I095290d925138122f24e891f8412497f9a2c3141 Signed-off-by: Tim Rozet <>
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diff --git a/config/deploy/os-odl_l2-sfc-noha.yaml b/config/deploy/os-odl_l2-sfc-noha.yaml
index 6d088af8..106fbca9 100644
--- a/config/deploy/os-odl_l2-sfc-noha.yaml
+++ b/config/deploy/os-odl_l2-sfc-noha.yaml
@@ -4,6 +4,7 @@ global_params:
sdn_controller: opendaylight
sdn_l3: false
+ odl_version: boron
tacker: false
congress: false
sfc: true