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Fixes deployment failure with allNodesConfig
This pulls in upstream patch to revert a bad commit that causes the "Unknown Property controller_ips". Also includes a fix for being able to detect if patches that are merged upstream are also promoted into TripleO images or container images. This happens by comparing the time the patch was submitted to the time when the TripleO Image or Docker Image was last updated. JIRA: APEX-610 JIRA: APEX-612 Change-Id: I1c2ab7fb4425b407acd7b6d9ebab914ed3a24478 Signed-off-by: Tim Rozet <>
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ha_enabled: false
+ patches:
+ undercloud:
+ - change-id: Ib8ff69a4bc869de21ad838b3bc6c38a8676036c6
+ project: openstack/tripleo-heat-templates
containers: true
os_version: master