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Fixes undercloud install failure with setting hostname
There is a new bug when deploying master/rocky where the OS of the undercloud/overcloud is now upgraded to CentOS 7.6. When the undercloud install runs it fails to configure the hostname using hostnamectl. This is because systemd-hostnamed is not running and fails to start. Simply reloading dbus seems to fix the issue. In the dbus logs there are odd error messages like: dbus-daemon[3230]: Unknown username "root" in message bus configuration file Disabling selinux seems to fix this. This patch also moves to use podman instead of docker for container management and invokes a script in Ansible which updates NIC templates as new variables are added upstream. Furthermore, with the new patches for routed networks in OOO, it is now required that the MTU is set in network-data, as well as adding the External network to the Compute role. Now the External network is removed by default from the Compute role. Change-Id: Ie8b86f6f28d69bda11b1f7a430df882970ac3cb9 Signed-off-by: Tim Rozet <>
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