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Adds deployment via snapshot
New arguments are added to allow snapshot deployment: --snapshot, --snap-cache The previous tripleo-quickstart code has been removed/replaced with the snapshot option. Snapshot deployments are supported on CentOS and Fedora, and snapshot artifacts use a similar caching system as the standard deployment. Snapshots are produced daily by Apex, and include latest as well as n-1 OpenStack versions. The os-odl-nofeature scenario is used for the snapshots. Additionally multiple topology verions of Snapshots are available. The Snapshot pulled at deploy time depends on the deploy-settings and number of virtual-computes used at deploy time. Since there is only one network used with snapshot deployments (admin), there is no reason to pass in network settings for snapshot deployments. That argument is now optional. Previously we required even in Standard virtual deployments that the network settings be provided. However that is also unnecessary, as we can default to the virtual network settings. Includes minor fix to the tox.ini to allow specifying test cases to run (useful for developers writing tests). Default behavior of tox is unchanged. JIRA: APEX-548 Change-Id: I1e08c4e54eac5aae99921f61ab7f69693ed12b47 Signed-off-by: Tim Rozet <>
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