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Default Ceph pg_num and pgp_num to 128
As per Ceph docs [1] we should default pg_num and pgp_num to 128 when using less than 5 OSDs. This same change was applied to the ceph-ansible profiles with [2]. Also updates the CI environment files to continue using 32 where we deploy a single OSD. 1. http://docs.ceph.com/docs/master/rados/operations/placement-groups/ 2. Ibd9fb23e04576e95e24af58f856663397886a947 Change-Id: I1920bc8f5251f362af38ad3bd6f46dda42c6ee93 Closes-Bug: #1718756 (cherry picked from commit e17ae7620e03790da0d29092ab42e8089b2e8d11)
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