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authorDan Prince <dprince@redhat.com>2016-03-15 10:49:30 -0400
committerDan Prince <dprince@redhat.com>2016-03-31 16:09:17 -0400
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Configure ControllerServices via resource chains
This patch wires in a new for Mitaka Heat feature that allows us to dynamically include a set of nested stacks representing individual services via a Heat resource chain. Follow on patches will use this interface to decompose the controller role into isolated services. Co-Authored-By: Steve Hardy <shardy@redhat.com> Depends-On: If510abe260ea7852dfe2d1f7f92b529979483068 Change-Id: I84c97a76159704c2d6c963bc4b26e365764b1366
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diff --git a/puppet/controller-post.yaml b/puppet/controller-post.yaml
index 04f20b6..80b08a0 100644
--- a/puppet/controller-post.yaml
+++ b/puppet/controller-post.yaml
@@ -13,7 +13,10 @@ parameters:
type: json
description: Value which changes if the node configuration may need to be re-applied
+ StepConfig:
+ type: string
+ description: Config manifests that will be used to step through the deployment.
+ default: ''
@@ -35,6 +38,8 @@ resources:
type: OS::TripleO::ControllerConfig
+ properties:
+ StepConfig: {get_param: StepConfig}
# Step through a series of Puppet runs using the same manifest.
# NOTE: To enable stepping through the deployments via heat hooks,