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committerJiri Stransky <jistr@redhat.com>2015-12-14 14:24:13 +0100
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Pacemaker maintenance mode for the duration of Puppet run on update
This enables pacemaker maintenantce mode when running Puppet on stack update. Puppet can try to restart some overcloud services, which pacemaker tries to prevent, and this can result in a failed Puppet run. At the end of the puppet run, certain pacemaker resources are restarted in an additional SoftwareDeployment to make sure that any config changes have been fully applied. This is only done on stack updates (when UpdateIdentifier is set to something), because the assumption is that on stack create services already come up with the correct config. (Change I9556085424fa3008d7f596578b58e7c33a336f75 has been squashed into this one.) Change-Id: I4d40358c511fc1f95b78a859e943082aaea17899 Co-Authored-By: Jiri Stransky <jistr@redhat.com> Co-Authored-By: James Slagle <jslagle@redhat.com>
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diff --git a/puppet/all-nodes-config.yaml b/puppet/all-nodes-config.yaml
index 2bc519b..1147b85 100644
--- a/puppet/all-nodes-config.yaml
+++ b/puppet/all-nodes-config.yaml
@@ -51,6 +51,17 @@ parameters:
type: comma_delimited_list
+ DeployIdentifier:
+ type: string
+ description: >
+ Setting this to a unique value will re-run any deployment tasks which
+ perform configuration on a Heat stack-update.
+ UpdateIdentifier:
+ type: string
+ description: >
+ Setting to a previously unused value during stack-update will trigger
+ package update on all nodes
@@ -240,6 +251,9 @@ resources:
nova::rabbit_hosts: *rabbit_nodes_array
keystone::rabbit_hosts: *rabbit_nodes_array
+ deploy_identifier: {get_param: DeployIdentifier}
+ update_identifier: {get_param: UpdateIdentifier}
description: The ID of the allNodesConfigImpl resource.