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Add all hosts to HostsEntry output
Previously only the VIPs and their associated hostnames were present in the HostsEntry output, due to the hosts_entries output on the hosts-config.yaml nested stack being empty. It was referencing an invalid attribute. Change-Id: Iec41926e27bdbf86eb30f230f904df1b7dbfa9c2 Closes-Bug: #1683517
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@@ -31,7 +31,7 @@ outputs:
The content that should be appended to your /etc/hosts if you want to get
hostname-based access to the deployed nodes (useful for testing without
setting up a DNS).
- value: {get_attr: [hostsConfigImpl, config, hosts]}
+ value: {get_param: hosts}
description: The ID of the hostsConfigImpl resource.
value: {get_resource: hostsConfigImpl}