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Add environment for setting a custom domain name
Just setting CloudDomain won't make the domains used consistent. There are a number of CloudName parameters that must be set as well. This change adds a sample environment that includes all of those parameters so it is easy to set everything consistently. Also fixes the description of CloudNameCtlplane to reflect the actual use for that parameter. Change-Id: I56d1c1c5619f83c16c4e8350aa84fccc3d748425
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diff --git a/extraconfig/nova_metadata/krb-service-principals.yaml b/extraconfig/nova_metadata/krb-service-principals.yaml
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--- a/extraconfig/nova_metadata/krb-service-principals.yaml
+++ b/extraconfig/nova_metadata/krb-service-principals.yaml
@@ -32,8 +32,8 @@ parameters:
default: overcloud.ctlplane.localdomain
description: >
- The DNS name of this cloud's storage management endpoint. E.g.
- 'ci-overcloud.management.tripleo.org'.
+ The DNS name of this cloud's provisioning network endpoint. E.g.
+ 'ci-overcloud.ctlplane.tripleo.org'.
type: string