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Ensure yum cache is ready before update
To workaround yum bug with libnss we need to make yum cache before running update. In fact we should have done this regardless of the bug. Change-Id: I5b2355fb8abe3c8d4b9ce9c62b9ffdba8c1e8d9d Resolves: rhbz#1458841 Closes-Bug: #1703830
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diff --git a/extraconfig/tasks/yum_update.sh b/extraconfig/tasks/yum_update.sh
index 0c4a792..5f5daf2 100755
--- a/extraconfig/tasks/yum_update.sh
+++ b/extraconfig/tasks/yum_update.sh
@@ -64,6 +64,9 @@ fi
+# Always ensure yum has full cache
+yum makecache || echo "Yum makecache failed. This can cause failure later on."
# yum check-update exits 100 if updates are available
set +e
check_update=$(yum check-update 2>&1)