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Wire in Controller pre-deployment extraconfig
The recently added cinder-netapp extraconfig contains some additional hieradata which needs to be applied during the initial pre-deployment phase, e.g in controller-puppet.yaml (before the manifests are applied) so wire in a new OS::TripleO::ControllerExtraConfigPre provider resource which allows passing in a nested stack (empty by default) which contains any required "pre deployment" extraconfig, such as applying this hieradata. Some changes were required to the cinder-netapp extraconfig and environment such that now the hieradata is actually applied, and the parameter_defaults specified will be correctly mapped into the StructuredDeployment. Change-Id: I8838a71db9447466cc84283b0b257bdb70353ffd
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+This tree contains additional configuration which happens "post deployment",
+e.g after the OpenStack service configuration has been completed.