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authorDan Sneddon <dsneddon@redhat.com>2017-09-14 11:20:54 -0600
committerAlex Schultz <aschultz@redhat.com>2017-09-22 15:59:08 -0600
commitef39ff86c6f8ec457324eb61473175fff55b307e (patch)
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parent8f864edcb1f505262cb2f2549dd1f948cebf40fd (diff)
Fix issue where 2 Redis VIPs are assigned, but only one used.
There is an extra RedisVipPort defined in network-isolation.j2.yaml which is unused. This will waste an IP address, and can lead to confusion if there are multiple ports named RedisVipPort. This patch removes the extra (unneeded) instance of the VIP. Change-Id: I222873859af1b4ed1050cfffe55687b2f8d4c528 Closes-bug: 1717017 (cherry picked from commit f543752da6e1df3537ffa68d86806e11ac380375)
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diff --git a/environments/network-isolation.j2.yaml b/environments/network-isolation.j2.yaml
index 1b792af..2db1a82 100644
--- a/environments/network-isolation.j2.yaml
+++ b/environments/network-isolation.j2.yaml
@@ -22,9 +22,6 @@ resource_registry:
{%- endfor %}
OS::TripleO::Network::Ports::RedisVipPort: ../network/ports/vip.yaml
- OS::TripleO::{{primary_role_name}}::Ports::RedisVipPort: ../network/ports/vip.yaml
{%- for role in roles %}
# Port assignments for the {{role.name}}
{%- for network in networks %}