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Big Switch Neutron ML2 plugin integration
Add support for Big Switch Neutron ML2 plugin. Makes sure that the package is present and sets up the [restproxy] section in ml2_conf.ini. This also adds support for setting the ovs_use_veth option in l3_agent.ini. There is no support for this in puppet-neutron l3 class and it probably doesn't make sense adding it there, because this setting isn't relevant for all l3 agent drivers, it's specific to OVSInterfaceDriver. The ovs_use_veth option is also added to dhcp_agent.ini. Change-Id: I99635e25b2099dacce68154fe14693d6f06ac19f
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+# A Heat environment file which can be used to enable Big Switch
+# extensions, configured via puppet
+ OS::TripleO::ControllerExtraConfigPre: ../puppet/extraconfig/pre_deploy/controller/neutron-ml2-bigswitch.yaml
+ # Required to fill in:
+ NeutronBigswitchRestproxyServers:
+ NeutronBigswitchRestproxyServerAuth:
+ # Optional:
+ # NeutronBigswitchRestproxyAutoSyncOnFailure:
+ # NeutronBigswitchRestproxyConsistencyInterval:
+ # NeutronBigswitchRestproxyNeutronId:
+ # NeutronBigswitchRestproxyServerSsl:
+ # NeutronBigswitchRestproxySslCertDirectory: