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Rename -puppet.yaml templates.
Updates the /puppet directory templates so that we drop the '-puppet' from the filenames. This is redundant because we already have puppet in the directory name and fixes inconsistencies where we aren't using -puppet in all the files within the puppet directory. Depends-On: I71cb07b2f5305aaf9c43ab175cca976e844b8175 Change-Id: I70d6e048a566666f5d6e5c2407f8a6b4fd9f6f87
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# Specifies hooks/breakpoints where overcloud deployment should stop
# Allows operator validation between steps, and/or more granular control.
# Note: the wildcards relate to naming convention for some resource suffixes,
-# e.g see puppet/*-post-puppet.yaml, enabling this will mean we wait for
+# e.g see puppet/*-post.yaml, enabling this will mean we wait for
# a user signal on every *Deployment_StepN resource defined in those files.