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overcloud stepped deployment environment
When combined with --with-steps added to devtest_overcloud: https://review.openstack.org/#/c/162109/ this enables stepped deployments using heat hooks. This environment file will break on all *StepN resources in every *NodesPostDeployment resource, on both create and update. Change-Id: Ibab567f0a37b832ea2b5966288ad55b5682c31ab
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+# Specifies hooks/breakpoints where overcloud deployment should stop
+# Allows operator validation between steps, and/or more granular control.
+# Note: the wildcards relate to naming convention for some resource suffixes,
+# e.g see puppet/*-post-puppet.yaml, enabling this will mean we wait for
+# a user signal on every *Deployment_StepN resource defined in those files.
+ resources:
+ "*NodesPostDeployment":
+ "*Deployment_Step*":
+ hooks: [pre-create, pre-update]