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Add network templates for multiple NIC configuration
This change adds a set of network interface configurations for use with network isolation. The multiple-nics templates includes one separate NIC per network, and assumes that nic1 is used for the provisioning network (ctlplane). Also included is an environment file for including the multiple-nics configuration in a deployment. This revision changes the ordering of the NICs. By doing that, it is possible to wire up only a subset of the NICs for the storage nodes, and it is possilbe to leave the External NIC only configured on the controllers. rdo: Updated this commit for static control plane configuration Co-Authored-By: Rhys Oxenham <roxenham@redhat.com> Change-Id: Ic878d1ed1a85b5705295d087a743570ca8213504
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+# This template configures each role to use a separate NIC for
+# each isolated network.
+# This template assumes use of network-isolation.yaml.
+# FIXME: if/when we add functionality to heatclient to include heat
+# environment files we should think about using it here to automatically
+# include network-isolation.yaml.
+ OS::TripleO::BlockStorage::Net::SoftwareConfig: ../network/config/multiple-nics/cinder-storage.yaml
+ OS::TripleO::Compute::Net::SoftwareConfig: ../network/config/multiple-nics/compute.yaml
+ OS::TripleO::Controller::Net::SoftwareConfig: ../network/config/multiple-nics/controller.yaml
+ OS::TripleO::ObjectStorage::Net::SoftwareConfig: ../network/config/multiple-nics/swift-storage.yaml
+ OS::TripleO::CephStorage::Net::SoftwareConfig: ../network/config/multiple-nics/ceph-storage.yaml