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Remove extra noop.yaml ports from network-isolation files.
The environments/network-isolation[-v6].yaml files have an unneeded reference to network/ports/noop.yaml for unused networks. This introduces a regression where environment files that define the networks and ports on a per-role basis can cancel out other environment files. See bug # 1717322. The overcloud-resource-registry.j2.yaml already uses noop.yaml for every network on every role (whether or not the networks are enabled, or whether the particular network is supposed to be on a role. So having noop.yaml specified for every role in network-isolation[-v6].yaml is not needed and can cause issues with upgrades if the environments are not included in a specific order. Change-Id: If06407e5235587af090ede44674bf9c7e08e340e Closes-bug: 1717322 (cherry picked from commit 9b08df3733257ac0fbc150a4071aec051e073ef7)
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