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Add RoleConfig output
This exposes the deploy workflow for all roles from deploy-steps via overcloud.j2.yaml - which means we can write it via the new openstack overcloud config download command and/or run the workflow outside of heat via mistral With https://review.openstack.org/#/c/485732/ applied to tripleoclient it becomes possible to do: openstack overcloud config download --config-dir tmpconfig cd tmpconfig/tripleo-EvEZk0-config ansible-playbook -b -i /usr/bin/tripleo-ansible-inventory deploy_steps_playbook.yaml This runs the deploy steps, exactly the same as normally run via heat via ansible-playbook for all overcloud nodes (--limit can be used to restrict to specific nodes/roles). Change-Id: I96ec09bc788836584c4b39dcce5bf9b80e914c71
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@@ -302,3 +302,21 @@ resources:
{% endfor %}
+ RoleConfig:
+ description: Mapping of config data for all roles
+ value:
+ deploy_steps_tasks: {get_file: deploy-steps-tasks.yaml}
+ deploy_steps_playbook: |
+ - hosts: overcloud
+ tasks:
+{%- for role in roles %}
+ - include: {{role.name}}/host_prep_tasks.yaml
+ when: role_name == '{{role.name}}'
+{%- endfor %}
+ - include: deploy_steps_tasks.yaml
+ with_sequence: count={{deploy_steps_max-1}}
+ loop_control:
+ loop_var: step