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RHSM: when using proxy, test its connectivity first
When using RHSM with a proxy, we want to make sure the proxy can be reached. This patch verify that a tcp socket can be open from the client to the proxy. This patch also does a bit of refactoring: - --retry-delay 10 --max-time 30 is now used in a parameter everytime we use curl. - proxy options are now used everytime curl is used, even for detecting which version of Satellite is running, now we use proxy options. Co-Authored-By: Vincent S. Cojot <vincent@cojot.name> Change-Id: I4dcac1528c10f698338383445e27c8a613f9bcd9 Closes-Bug: #1724970 (cherry picked from commit f4e46f4b3ddac3f536a3a1955c91447e8b26ffca)
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