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2017-10-06Add a new configuration option for GUI loggersHonza Pokorny1-2/+1
This allows us to set up logging for the TripleO GUI. By default, it enables the 'console' and 'zaqar' loggers. Change-Id: Iafc874643c29e63ff670831fe80f6601c3051865 Closes-Bug: #1716458 (cherry picked from commit 5158c7ab1669d9d3e8c8163be9fdfc9b3a3aea96)
2017-08-31Add manifests to install and configure stunnelJuan Antonio Osorio Robles2-0/+7
Some services (such as Redis) can't use mod_proxy as a TLS proxy, since they're not HTTP services. So stunnel is necessary for these. Thus, we add manifests to configure it as such. bp tls-via-certmonger Change-Id: Ic4a2dac7b3831e4780105e3b05e9c5afcf15c79c (cherry picked from commit f85199c77826017e383534051ada57ef1ea4ddcc)
2017-08-17Merge "Add logrotate-crond configuration"Jenkins1-0/+14
2017-08-16Add logrotate-crond configurationBogdan Dobrelya1-0/+14
Generate a cron job and a config for logrotate to be run against containerized services logs. Related-bug: #1700912 Change-Id: Ib9d5d8ca236296179182613e1ff625deea168614 Signed-off-by: Bogdan Dobrelya <bdobreli@redhat.com>
2017-07-27Replace enabled languages with excluded languages in UIHonza Pokorny1-4/+6
Change-Id: I14d2c8d11abb1df17759e2a9d4ae6b9ccebbe30f Depends-On: Idf5a3314c19be18ca6cabbae1e94bc7cb1d1fe94
2017-06-05Support for proxying ironic-inspector via ApacheJenkins1-0/+1
Future work in the UI requires Apache to proxy for the ironic-inspector service the same as it has for other related services. This adds support for ironic-inspector through Apache's mod_proxy Closes-Bug: 1695202 Depends-On: Id395604f1dfbc4bf4f26adbe05f484a10227fd76 Change-Id: I9dcb0769ff90a2fc9561cb86bb822be8087ffe8e
2017-04-04Merge "Refactor enabled languages from an array to a hash"Jenkins1-1/+1
2017-03-30Refactor enabled languages from an array to a hashHonza Pokorny1-1/+1
Change-Id: I5173361818508849e5012a943a984af69d9d08cd Depends-On: I2d28d9019e8bcf9f6b8ef5698958932d44321679 Closes-Bug: #1668978
2017-03-29Adds service for managing securettylhinds1-0/+4
This adds the ability to manage the securetty file. By allowing management of securetty, operators can limit root console access and improve security through hardening. Change-Id: Ic4647fb823bd112648c5b8d102913baa8b4dac1c Closes-Bug: #1665042
2017-02-17Enable languages in UI configJulie Pichon1-2/+2
Which language options to offer to the UI users is determined in the configuration file. Let's show all possible languages by default, unless specified otherwise. Change-Id: I513303bf82dca53e2291ab66f2385a2985a1846e Related-Bug: #1663279
2017-02-14Make quotes consistent to match the sample configMikeG4511-7/+21
Per project conventions, should use single quotes. Also, update comments and defaults to match sample. Change-Id: I82ddcec230e7a03965d753db60968912b8d7da5c Closes-Bug: #1663624
2017-02-03Proxy API endpoints that UI usesDan Trainor1-9/+6
Add support to enable the UI to use paths via mod_proxy to access API endpoints instead of connecting to each endpoint directly on a port other than where the UI is served from. This is necessary to prevent certificate acceptance errors from non-Chrome browsers which take exception to connections made to other ports on the same hostname, using one SSL certificate. This change extends the UI's Apache configuration to create one mod_proxy location for each of the API endpoints that UI calls upon. These mod_proxy (using ProxyPass, ProxyPassReverse) endpoints are configured using new heira variables provided in the dependent commit. Additionally, this change modifies the default UI configuration file to include endpoint URLs formatted to use the new endpoint paths that are created. Removed puppet variables which were previously used to generate the contents of the tripleo_ui_config.js template, since they are no longer used to generate this file, replaced with the new endpoint URLs formatted to use the new endpoint paths that are created. Change-Id: I55e375ad462fa98e181277ec0bd88658e620e8ad Implements: blueprint proxy-undercloud-api-services Depends-On: Ib20f4b0891563ae90ec80675635a64c39bd2fdb7
2017-01-09Add Docker Registry profileMartin André1-0/+11
The profile was moved out of instack-undercloud puppet manifest and changed to install a v2 Docker registry rather than the old, deprecated v1 registry. Change-Id: Iecf7a4c7e86349e6ecaa0a8ee6d37223e3af7862
2016-10-06Update websocket service name in config templateJulie Pichon1-1/+1
The name was changed to "zaqar-websocket" recently. Having the old name in the configuration file leads to errors and confusion when overriding URLs, as the override won't get picked up with the old name. Change-Id: I7acf900d094e41862958b3cddbb66ff0d8a3e46f Closes-Bug: #1630965
2016-09-16Manage tripleo-ui configuration files with puppetMartin André1-0/+14
This commit ensures the tripleo-ui configuration files are present and are matching the environment. Change-Id: I0deeffa9026b1f5cd36a9810aaee7832e31c3c93
2016-07-20Remove templates/databaseEmilien Macchi6-411/+0
Not used anymore anywhere. Change-Id: Iae0709cca8faa62698bed977e0e364eb8f88f4f7
2016-05-05Add tripleo::selinuxJames Slagle1-0/+11
Adds a class to configure SELinux. The code is taken from puppet-openstack-cloud: https://github.com/redhat-cip/puppet-openstack-cloud This allows to share the same code for usage by both the Undercloud and Overcloud. Co-Authored By: Emilien Macchi <emilien@redhat.com> Co-Authored By: Yanis Guenane <yguenane@redhat.com> blueprint undercloud-elements Change-Id: If214005df733d41c2fa4e197df247d8a14baaa14
2015-04-16Loadbalancer: Add support for RedisYanis Guenane1-0/+30
Add support for Redis in the loadbalancer setup. Redis loadbalancing system is particular as it does not provide clustering capabilities yet, hence this pattern[1] will be applied. [1] https://github.com/falsecz/haredis Change-Id: I80a6c284af9eceb6b669a03c5d93256261523331
2015-02-02First implementation of tripleo::database::mysqlEmilien Macchi6-0/+411