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committerDan Trainor <dan.trainor@gmail.com>2017-02-03 20:04:10 -0500
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Proxy API endpoints that UI uses
Add support to enable the UI to use paths via mod_proxy to access API endpoints instead of connecting to each endpoint directly on a port other than where the UI is served from. This is necessary to prevent certificate acceptance errors from non-Chrome browsers which take exception to connections made to other ports on the same hostname, using one SSL certificate. This change extends the UI's Apache configuration to create one mod_proxy location for each of the API endpoints that UI calls upon. These mod_proxy (using ProxyPass, ProxyPassReverse) endpoints are configured using new heira variables provided in the dependent commit. Additionally, this change modifies the default UI configuration file to include endpoint URLs formatted to use the new endpoint paths that are created. Removed puppet variables which were previously used to generate the contents of the tripleo_ui_config.js template, since they are no longer used to generate this file, replaced with the new endpoint URLs formatted to use the new endpoint paths that are created. Change-Id: I55e375ad462fa98e181277ec0bd88658e620e8ad Implements: blueprint proxy-undercloud-api-services Depends-On: Ib20f4b0891563ae90ec80675635a64c39bd2fdb7
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diff --git a/templates/ui/tripleo_ui_config.js.erb b/templates/ui/tripleo_ui_config.js.erb
index fef8afb..1dd68c6 100644
--- a/templates/ui/tripleo_ui_config.js.erb
+++ b/templates/ui/tripleo_ui_config.js.erb
@@ -1,13 +1,10 @@
window.tripleOUiConfig = {
- "keystone": "<%= @keystone_url %>",
- // The UI automatically discovers below URLs by querying keystone but can be
- // changed here if desired.
- //"heat": "<%= @heat_url %>",
- //"ironic": "<%= @ironic_url %>",
- //"mistral": "<%= @mistral_url %>",
- //"swift": "<%= @swift_url %>",
- //"zaqar-websocket": "<%= @zaqar_websocket_url %>",
+ "keystone": "<%= @endpoint_config_keystone %>",
+ "heat": "<%= @endpoint_config_heat %>",
+ "ironic": "<%= @endpoint_config_ironic %>",
+ "mistral": "<%= @endpoint_config_mistral %>",
+ "swift": "<%= @endpoint_config_swift %>",
+ "zaqar-websocket": "<%= @endpoint_config_zaqar %>",
// Default websocket queue name
"zaqar_default_queue": "<%= @zaqar_default_queue %>"