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2017-07-14Add new profile for the Veritas HyperScale's cinder backend.abhishek.kane1-8/+30
Add new hook in the keystone profile for Veritas HyperScale. Add new hook in the rabbitmq profile for Veritas HyperScale. Add new hook in the mysql profile for Veritas HyperScale. Change-Id: I9168bffa5c73a205d1bb84b831b06081c40af549 Depends-On: I316b22f4f7f9f68fe5c46075dc348a70e437fb1d Depends-On: Id188af5e2f7bf628a97a70b8f20bef28e42b372d Signed-off-by: abhishek.kane <abhishek.kane@veritas.com> Signed-off-by: Dnyaneshwar Pawar <dnyaneshwar.pawar@veritas.com>
2017-04-03Composable services support for Cinder Pure Storage FlashArraySimon Dodsley1-8/+30
Added the heat templates for Cinder Pure Storage FlashArray backend to use composable services Change-Id: I6f46f45a3af394de85672261c7d72ddc492a07b2
2017-02-17Use rpc and notify transport_url for oslo_messaging backendsAndrew Smith1-1/+2
This commit adds the transport_url for specifying the oslo.messaging rpc and notify transport schemes. The rpc or notification backend can be one of rabbit, amqp, zmq, etc. Oslo.messaging is deprecating the host, port and auth configuration options. All drivers will get the options via the transport_url. This patch: * Adds transport_url to base services * Updates the corresponding specs * Adds to default hierdata Depends-On: I1cf93d2caebfa1f7373c16754a2ad9bd15eb1a40 Change-Id: Iea5607dbb3ee6b1dd50acc1395de52dc920aa915
2017-02-09Rebranding of Eqlx to Dell EMC PS Seriesrajinir1-9/+9
This changes rebrands Dell Eqlx to Dell PS series and matches the tripleo-heat-templates. Change-Id: I3536147a06b426ace18cf415e99361c47b4cf5d9
2016-12-05Add cinder profile spec testsAlex Schultz1-0/+216
This change adds rspec testing for the cinder profiles with in puppet-tripleo. Additionally while testing, it was found that the backends may incorrectly have an extra , included in the settings for cinder volume when running puppet 3. This change includes a fix the cinder volume backends to make sure we are not improperly configuring it with a trailing comma. Change-Id: Ibdfee330413b6f9aecdf42a5508c21126fc05973