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+ - Enable innodb_file_per_table for MySQL/MariaDB databases
+ - |
+ Newly created MySQL database tables will be stored in their own datafiles,
+ instead of in a single monolithic ibdata file.
+ - |
+ Existing MySQL database tables that are persisted within the monolithic
+ ibdata file will remain so unless the database is migrated as well.
+ - |
+ Migration of all current database tables out of the monolithic ibdata
+ file is possible by dumping and restoring the whole database to a new data
+ directory, however when using Galera the entire cluster must be shut
+ down and upgraded at once.
+ - |
+ Migration of individual tables to datafiles is possible using the
+ MySQL command "ALTER TABLE <databasename>.<tablename> ENGINE=InnoDB;",
+ however this will not shrink the ibdata file and also is not safe to run
+ on a running Galera cluster for large tables.