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Enable TLS for the HAProxy stats interface
This creates a new class for the stats interface and furtherly configures it to also use the certificates that are provided by certmonger (via the internal_certificates_specs variable). Note that the already existing haproxy_stats_certificate still works and will take precedence if it's set. bp tls-via-certmonger Change-Id: Iea65d91648ab13dbe6ec20241a1a7c95ce856e3e
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+ - When TLS everywhere is enabled, the HAProxy stats interface will also use
+ TLS. This requires the user to access the interface through the ctlplane
+ FQDN (which is configured by the CloudNameCtlplane parameter in
+ tripleo-heat-templates). Note that one can still use the
+ haproxy_stats_certificate parameter from the haproxy class, and that one
+ will take precedence if set.