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Add support to changing the Rabbitmq password on update
Rabbitmq Password is set on the fresh deployment, but during update, if the password is changed, it is modified in all config files including rabbitmq config. But the rabbitmq connection fails because the new password is not successful applied to rabbitmq. Setting the rabbitmq_user will invoke 'rabbitmqctl change_password'. Scenario: The password change is applied on Step1 when configuring Rabbitmq. Other services may be updated on different Steps. Till other services config is updated with new rabbitmq password, and restarted, the connections will get Access Denied response. It has cyclic dependency. So the passwords will be changes at Step1 and once all services are updated, the connections will work as is. Partial-Bug: #1611704 Change-Id: I44865af3d5eb2d37eb648ac7227277e86c8fbc54
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+ - Invoke rabbitmq_user resource explicity to apply password change during
+ update, if any.