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Disables port status for all ODL deployments
Port status was already disabled in HA deployments pending a fix for: https://bugs.opendaylight.org//show_bug.cgi?id=9147 However even in noha deployments port status will not work because ODL is unable to bind to a specific IP for websocket, meaning it binds to all IPs and haproxy cannot bind the VIP. Therefore we need to disable it for all deployments until also this bug is fixed: https://bugs.opendaylight.org//show_bug.cgi?id=9256 Related-Bug: 1718508 Change-Id: I2f2dc3ece97c97fc8477d4129d69719866a7f0c1 Signed-off-by: Tim Rozet <trozet@redhat.com> (cherry picked from commit 2471a8669d35f8b35ed00e9365623b37e335cd79)
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+ Adds workaround to disable port status feature for OpenDaylight which
+ is currently broken in OpenDaylight. This fixes the inability to
+ launch nova instances.