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authorJuan Antonio Osorio Robles <jaosorior@redhat.com>2017-08-24 09:25:33 +0300
committerJuan Antonio Osorio Robles <jaosorior@redhat.com>2017-08-25 04:56:57 +0000
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Add /bin to PATH for CRL cronjob
Checking the root's mail (/var/mail/root) I finally saw the root cause of the CRL cronjob not working. /bin/sh: curl: command not found now, curl, (and most commands used by that cronjob) is in the /bin bash, so we need to add it to the environment's PATH for the cronjob. Change-Id: If10855b801782eeaf2006cd57071d74d13daf8c2 Closes-Bug: #1712404 (cherry picked from commit 139ac85028947f476a085e89bd54f3dfacd886cf)
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diff --git a/manifests/certmonger/ca/crl.pp b/manifests/certmonger/ca/crl.pp
index a69065d..f620257 100644
--- a/manifests/certmonger/ca/crl.pp
+++ b/manifests/certmonger/ca/crl.pp
@@ -138,7 +138,7 @@ class tripleo::certmonger::ca::crl (
cron { 'tripleo-refresh-crl-file':
ensure => $ensure,
command => $cron_cmd,
- environment => 'PATH=/usr/bin SHELL=/bin/sh',
+ environment => 'PATH=/usr/bin:/bin SHELL=/bin/sh',
user => 'root',
minute => $minute,
hour => $hour,