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Add lookup_hiera_hash function
The lookup_hiera_hash function is meant to lookup for the value of a given key from a given Hiera hash. In the manifests this is possible by saving the value of the hash in a variable first but when driving lookups from the Heat templates we can't do it. Change-Id: Ie31bb70314db44a0a18e86090cc74aa4df5de169
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diff --git a/lib/puppet/parser/functions/lookup_hiera_hash.rb b/lib/puppet/parser/functions/lookup_hiera_hash.rb
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--- /dev/null
+++ b/lib/puppet/parser/functions/lookup_hiera_hash.rb
@@ -0,0 +1,22 @@
+module Puppet::Parser::Functions
+ newfunction(:lookup_hiera_hash, :arity => 2, :type => :rvalue,
+ :doc => "Lookup a key->value from a Hiera hash") do |args|
+ hash_name = args[0]
+ key_name = args[1]
+ unless hash_name.is_a?(String) and key_name.is_a?(String)
+ raise Puppet::ParseError, "The hash name and the key name must be given as strings."
+ end
+ if defined? call_function
+ hash = call_function('hiera', [hash_name])
+ else
+ hash = function_hiera([hash_name])
+ end
+ unless hash.is_a?(Hash)
+ raise Puppet::ParseError, "The value Hiera returned for #{hash_name} is not a Hash."
+ end
+ unless hash.key?(key_name)
+ raise Puppet::ParseError, "The Hiera hash #{hash_name} does not contain key #{key_name}."
+ end
+ return hash[key_name]
+ end