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Composable HA
This commit implements composable HA for the pacemaker profiles. - Everytime a pacemaker resource gets included on a node, that node will add a node cluster property with the name of the resource (e.g. galera-role=true) - Add a location rule constraint to force running the resource only on the nodes that have that property - We also make sure that any pacemaker resource/property creation has a predefined number of tries (20 by default). The reason for this is that within composable HA, it might be possible to get "older CIB" errors when another node changed the CIB while we were doing an operation on it. Simply retrying fixes this. - Also make sure that we use the newly introduced pacemaker::constraint::order class instead of the older pacemaker::constraint::base class. The former uses the push_cib() function and hence behaves correctly in case multiple nodes try to modify the CIB at the same time. Change-Id: I63da4f48da14534fd76265764569e76300534472 Depends-On: Ib931adaff43dbc16220a90fb509845178d696402 Depends-On: I8d78cc1b14f0e18e034b979a826bf3cdb0878bae Depends-On: Iba1017c33b1cd4d56a3ee8824d851b38cfdbc2d3
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require 'puppet-openstack_spec_helper/rake_tasks'
+# We disable the unquoted node name check because puppet-pacemaker node
+# properies make use of attributes called 'node' and puppet-lint breaks on
+# them: https://github.com/rodjek/puppet-lint/issues/501
+# We are not using site.pp with nodes so this is safe.