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Add schema-based config data validation
This patch adds a jsonschema for os-net-config's configuration data and a library function to validate configuration data based on this schema. Adding schema-based validation allows catching a larger class of errors (typos, missing required parameters, etc.) for all devices configurable through os-net-config. The validation is run in the os-net-config CLI after loading the config file. If the config file fails to validate, the current default is to just log a warning and try to continue. By providing the new CLI option '--exit-on-validation-errors', this can be changed to log an error and exist instead. This validation is meant to be reusable, for example for pre-deployment validation of network environments (see change Ic16ee0bc353c46f8fe512454176a07ee95347346). Packaging with os-net-config makes it easier to keep object model and schema in sync. Change-Id: Ie4a905863b2d46c88d9cd6c3afc50e7d0a877090 Signed-off-by: Frank A. Zdarsky <fzdarsky@redhat.com>
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