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2017-07-15Update release notes for Danube 3.0danube.3.0stable/danubeManuel Buil1-5/+5
Change-Id: I5c4185c41b8baf3e243152b31322a326a07a5d5e Signed-off-by: Manuel Buil <mbuil@suse.com> (cherry picked from commit c444d00078d19bc5f0cd387213e78bdf6b3795bb)
2017-07-11Fix missing argument in wait_for_classification_rulesroot1-1/+1
Change-Id: I4b41608ae7f91f51bd55d80c4e57b7e59e94855a Signed-off-by: Juan Vidal Allende <juan.vidal.allende@ericsson.com>
2017-03-31Fix checking for optional cmd line args in cleanupdanube.2.0danube.1.RC1danube.1.0George Paraskevopoulos1-1/+1
Change-Id: I5305e7c6426e0a563499f0aeefd910ce03e5ceae Signed-off-by: George Paraskevopoulos <geopar@intracom-telecom.com> (cherry picked from commit 6d6d321145befb9f823a9d8af40e5dce83f0dbc7)
2017-03-31Fix label nameShubhamRathi1-1/+1
Label was incorrectly named causing it to not link from the composite doc. Change-Id: I9c31209ef81e79547978198ad22f5acd14163de5 Signed-off-by: ShubhamRathi <shubhamiiitbackup@gmail.com> (cherry picked from commit 0f1bfbd223a668771dcaf130ea697cf3644ece93)
2017-03-31Add Scenario LabelsShubhamRathi2-0/+4
Change-Id: Id585f05597bdea2820a787ca8650a2ad07698426 Signed-off-by: ShubhamRathi <shubhamiiitbackup@gmail.com> (cherry picked from commit 6b26a8b5de5eeab31541f6e5fa9121c163019b68)
2017-03-30Remove references to older releases on documentationroot7-34/+53
- Rename all Brahmaputra/Colorado links to Danube - Bumped OvS version from 2.5.90 to 2.6.1 - Bumped ODL version from Boron to Boron SR2 - Changed release date Change-Id: I4286cbd074b377b4b33e25f33646bb05075f10f5 Signed-off-by: Juan Vidal <juan.vidal.allende@ericsson.com> (cherry picked from commit e61239dbb4f96bb4b798cd3c6e6d6c953d4fcee4)
2017-03-30Release notes update“Manuel Buil”1-43/+54
Release notes updated Waiting for the official documents to be created to change the links (e.g. user guide, installation guide...) Change-Id: If6569585aaa6362938d5a83633ad8d8a0dd63fa2 Signed-off-by: “Manuel Buil” <mbuil@suse.com> (cherry picked from commit 89b68dcce2e79251e38e6231a3556b1bdc5fea79)
2017-03-27Rename the sfc_one_chain_two_service_functions..Dimitrios Markou2-5/+6
We use topology shuffling for the execution of testcases so is meaningless to specify an exact topology in the testcase's file name Change-Id: I6fc7b3b2a72017fe501a022dca001c5bc7761acc Signed-off-by: Dimitrios Markou <mardim@intracom-telecom.com> (cherry picked from commit ff5710c3d39cf5124a00ad329aeae1d483a803a2)
2017-03-24Revert "Change from functest logger to python logging"George Paraskevopoulos6-19/+12
This reverts commit cb311aad19c732fa006b50795ab66687e01b95a6. Change-Id: I123c30acd765df692483eb5f91fecd1478219201 Signed-off-by: George Paraskevopoulos <geopar@intracom-telecom.com> (cherry picked from commit e011a3d122888444c36fba6ee74b27b955356480)
2017-03-23Limit topologies to the ones workingManuel Buil1-2/+4
Due to the classifier rules only deployed where VNFs are, some use cases will fail because the client traffic never gets classified Change-Id: I77b10231b7a34497ed8ecd42d72e08e0b4481bfa Signed-off-by: Manuel Buil <mbuil@suse.com>
2017-03-23Delete ACL when deleting a classifierGeorge Paraskevopoulos2-2/+15
Change-Id: I8e54892450e903aa51f888229940e6371a0710f7 Signed-off-by: George Paraskevopoulos <geopar@intracom-telecom.com> (cherry picked from commit d41124f9c8cd14cfab61d4848a70aa227e80eefb)
2017-03-22Added more logs to classification checkManuel Buil3-2/+24
The classification check is not working in CI and we don't understand why. I added a lot more logs to check Change-Id: I81bcc8874c5e5e843e0c301e1d66d5d11de092f3 Signed-off-by: Manuel Buil <mbuil@suse.com>
2017-03-22Perform cmd argument parsing when called from cliGeorge Paraskevopoulos1-11/+12
To be able to import run_tests as a module we must not try to parse command line arguments in global scope Also import the testcase using the full module path Change-Id: I1696800a16301d446bf9c926bdaf2b545435a2e7 Signed-off-by: George Paraskevopoulos <geopar@intracom-telecom.com> (cherry picked from commit 08aa86e1e7cb874aac72c831e239c003070e5ca3)
2017-03-21Bug fix in CI: security groups not workingManuel Buil2-1/+6
CI tests create a lot of security groups with the name default. Our SFs are assigned to a default security group but there are so many that the result is not predictable and most likely wrong. We add it now to example-sg sec. group Change-Id: I64984aa7b6114747c5bab5fb2e4b8d8d32865bb0 Signed-off-by: Manuel Buil <mbuil@suse.com> (cherry picked from commit 3c6e0efc2f4575ec2cf2e1304bdc1b66cdc08b06)
2017-03-21Bug fix in CI: security groupsManuel Buil1-0/+5
CI tests create a lot of security groups with the name default. Our SFs are assigned to a default security group but there are so many that the result is not predictable and most likely wrong. We add it now to example-sg sec. group Change-Id: I120765a33e55e47b78ef3c8664c82fb147ce9df0 Signed-off-by: Manuel Buil <mbuil@suse.com> (cherry picked from commit 6282c5cce71ae994aaece374375234cf207992f8)
2017-03-21Fix run_testsManuel Buil1-14/+16
It was impossible to get a status='PASS' Change-Id: I016346c1acf38ae1a130afbfd132166b72d5e1af Signed-off-by: Manuel Buil <mbuil@suse.com> (cherry picked from commit d63f9fc8f18f42cd80a32e3b93aed19091beccee)
2017-03-21Bug fix: Eth header build with wrong dest. macManuel Buil1-1/+2
JIRA: SFC-89 The second test fetches the destination mac of the previous test because an entry with that IP is in the arp table. However, that table is outdated. We must flush the arp table before starting the new test. Change-Id: Ie00345bba13793dc68e8442421861a2555e5ba7d Signed-off-by: Manuel Buil <mbuil@suse.com> (cherry picked from commit 4d07f0f7e2f03486c8d78a24282c5e4e7fc59253)
2017-03-20Add all topologies to the testManuel Buil1-3/+1
We were limiting the topologies to the ones working but we believe all should work now Change-Id: I11921916105a149c585cd934150de2898286b142 Signed-off-by: Manuel Buil <mbuil@suse.com> (cherry picked from commit 1b9b0ad28243362b7953db12ebd072d9c6a99aff)
2017-03-20Cleanup IETF-ACL in OpenDaylightGeorge Paraskevopoulos2-0/+36
Change-Id: I6914a5fbe7eb30b2d76b89d8f38b7d3d16e7b44a Signed-off-by: George Paraskevopoulos <geopar@intracom-telecom.com> (cherry picked from commit 3097fef23e4ae1c89b535c1d890e44710b33eea4)
2017-03-20Disable resource_finder_cache in controllersGeorge Paraskevopoulos1-0/+24
Heat caching somehow messes our tests so we disable it before the tests start. For instance, if we do: 1. create example-net with NET_ID1 2. create VNFD1 with example-net 3. delete VNFD1 4. delete NET_ID1 5. create example-net with NET_ID2 6. create VNFD2 with example-net heat has NET_ID1 cached as the id of example-net and tries to use that instead of NET_ID2 to create VNFD2. This off course leads to a crash since NET_ID1 does not exist anymore. In the future we should investigate further why heat cache does not play well for us (probably bc of tacker). Change-Id: Iac07d78641e2d1ff0c2d67e46752d551833f19fd Signed-off-by: George Paraskevopoulos <geopar@intracom-telecom.com> (cherry picked from commit d0fec46322915ef8b49e1f7ab9c485ea2cdd399a)
2017-03-20VNFDs were not deletedManuel Buil1-0/+1
Added vnfd_delete in the cleanup library Change-Id: Iaa3e9ecb33a15bf882585786271fef206a54ffa0 Signed-off-by: Manuel Buil <mbuil@suse.com> (cherry picked from commit 5342d88d799359ce9f92b0cef26382d26fce9dfb)
2017-03-20Give time to start the firewall processManuel Buil1-0/+1
Sometimes test sfc_one is failing because the firewall is not started when the test begins. Waiting some seconds after starting the process corrects the problem Change-Id: Iebef292fa66338c3e27a325333cc5f1993facac5 Signed-off-by: Manuel Buil <mbuil@suse.com> (cherry picked from commit 891d42491fdabea0b3907cba8cbf220c507398b8)
2017-03-18Run tests in orderGeorge Paraskevopoulos2-5/+12
Change-Id: I3cbbcd17182bf6f1f6558cb199577d989ac62ae6 Signed-off-by: George Paraskevopoulos <geopar@intracom-telecom.com> (cherry picked from commit d3b5ba3c16b0918060d1fc800bd47e688146f2c4)
2017-03-18Change from functest logger to python loggingGeorge Paraskevopoulos6-12/+19
Change-Id: Ie7b2a63c301819a79768d1b286ee00693cd1129b Signed-off-by: George Paraskevopoulos <geopar@intracom-telecom.com> (cherry picked from commit cb311aad19c732fa006b50795ab66687e01b95a6)
2017-03-18Add checks for cleanup utilitiesGeorge Paraskevopoulos2-6/+26
Change-Id: I1facd54b11ef6a090e39dd5977eb5cf7183147af Signed-off-by: George Paraskevopoulos <geopar@intracom-telecom.com> (cherry picked from commit 98bb8ed7510d118a680079973aa8f7dce406be37)
2017-03-18Add ODL cleanup utilitiesGeorge Paraskevopoulos3-5/+76
ODL does not clean all resources properly after tacker deletions, so we add this as a post processing step Change-Id: Ic485ee32b195f72235922ebe613af6c010cb57db Signed-off-by: George Paraskevopoulos <geopar@intracom-telecom.com> (cherry picked from commit e48b950bc77e37fbda611415577a7388e19c1ff6)
2017-03-17Add more logs to the CI“Manuel Buil”1-0/+11
We want to double check if the CI is using the correct tacker plugin version Change-Id: Ib6082014988daee316553d980c5e7f88d316fe8c Signed-off-by: “Manuel Buil” <mbuil@suse.com> (cherry picked from commit 268fc4edfd7560bcf5b5e1248df05face402074a)
2017-03-17Implement delete.sh as a python moduleGeorge Paraskevopoulos2-0/+73
We need to call delete.sh after each test is run. The script is implemented as a python module and called inside run_tests.py Change-Id: I23a794be522b4713a44cc1d56587e0aadc6f1210 Signed-off-by: George Paraskevopoulos <geopar@intracom-telecom.com> (cherry picked from commit 8869d175363dfec69cc70fd8cb9bef56e8ebc115)
2017-03-17Remove SFF_filter“Manuel Buil”3-23/+3
After further investigation we found out that the classifier is deployed in all computes. When deploying several tests, ODL starts to function very slowly and sometimes the classifier takes a long time to be deployed in one compute. That tricked us and made us think that it was not deployed everywhere Change-Id: I474a05f77a6342be741d14ffbdb674ef7f970908 Signed-off-by: “Manuel Buil” <mbuil@suse.com> (cherry picked from commit 70445ba93cb07164933ed0c5aac8db32f6f652d4)
2017-03-17Run all testcases even if one throws an exception“Manuel Buil”1-1/+5
If the first testcase throws an exception, the rest were not being executed Change-Id: I5fdc521da840ffdbc7a0bde120d7bfe7907b881c Signed-off-by: “Manuel Buil” <mbuil@suse.com> (cherry picked from commit 84f3ea23ccc9f6e19a86748519deb600b2ac95e3)
2017-03-17Log credentialsGeorge Paraskevopoulos1-2/+8
We have to make sure that we source the correct credentials in the CI Change-Id: I4d988943588bbc99a3118cb89eabfea37c41daf6 Signed-off-by: George Paraskevopoulos <geopar@intracom-telecom.com> (cherry picked from commit 1d72729b1513e419ab1d97f294410a5cfdd1c62f)
2017-03-16Bug fix: rsps and first_RSPs must be restarted“Manuel Buil”1-1/+5
JIRA: SFC-88 Not a blocking bug but when the classifier is implemented in several computes, we loop all computes. By the time the second compute is inspected, more than 10 seconds passed and thus, the classification rules are already there. first_RSP should not be evaluated and rsps must be restarted Change-Id: I70858d6b423eebd8088a79aebebb4950f031878d Signed-off-by: “Manuel Buil” <mbuil@suse.com> (cherry picked from commit 189642fff7428457d3992c365eab9a9f5c0bea90)
2017-03-16Bug fix: disable non-working topologies“Manuel Buil”1-10/+13
JIRA: SFC-87 Due to ODL bugs, some topologies do not work Change-Id: Ia2fcfe5948c308ce2348b52c01aa3ce58ac318d6 Signed-off-by: “Manuel Buil” <mbuil@suse.com> (cherry picked from commit 184f787f3a8a57695fa3b9b8f17c65b9aeee1904)
2017-03-15Remove security group exists error logsGeorge Paraskevopoulos1-8/+56
We copied the create_secgroup_rule function from functest.openstack_utils and removed the logger.exception("Security group exists") line. This is very ugly and we should investigate an upstream fix after D release. Change-Id: I1674a77ebc3b3e3132b2b9e1f16a84106b2350eb Signed-off-by: George Paraskevopoulos <geopar@intracom-telecom.com> (cherry picked from commit 4585d8fe2a4b40f62b96bdd38dc1a14f32510c93)
2017-03-15Bug fix: Classification check failing“Manuel Buil”3-5/+27
If both SFs are in one host, the classification rules are not implemented in all the hosts Change-Id: Ifea131a86f49d33fdc6110a13d5fdc6c2796f7fa Signed-off-by: Manuel Buil <mbuil@suse.com> (cherry picked from commit da6d1d2e018e358f71ad734766580a7343829c29)
2017-03-14Bug fix: classif. check not working for one chainManuel Buil3-13/+29
In the test case with only one chain the wait_classification function was not working Change-Id: I4cff1e61130b6fc68d736108a0da048909dad750 Signed-off-by: Manuel Buil <mbuil@suse.com> (cherry picked from commit 4b082d08b46941da06630926a117054881a8aa1b)
2017-03-14Bug fix: client and server not using shuffler“Manuel Buil”1-2/+2
Client and server were not being created based on the topology shuffler and thus the topology was not followed Change-Id: I1d7228d2d75e4ecf57ff8eb1c4226b963b2b9dd4 Signed-off-by: “Manuel Buil” <mbuil@suse.com>
2017-03-10Using installer adapters for second test case“Manuel Buil”1-104/+70
The second test case can also benefit from installer adapters Change-Id: Ie2ce8c9112582fa39428e5410f1c7ae6274161ea Signed-off-by: Manuel Buil <mbuil@suse.com>
2017-03-10Disable symmetric test case to not test it in CIManuel Buil1-1/+1
symmetric test case doe snot work in multicompute env. We want to avoid that it is executed in CI because it will always fail in the Danube release Change-Id: I2a12d9aea31df37c689d96ae7eb323339b8ffb89 Signed-off-by: Manuel Buil <mbuil@suse.com>
2017-03-08Adding LabelsShubhamRathi4-0/+8
Labels serve as anchors/ refs when referenced from other documents This patch adds labels to docs/*/*/index.rst Change-Id: I22964ee60952047ca20d8d4c54db790b9c01ee5a Signed-off-by: ShubhamRathi <shubhamiiitbackup@gmail.com>
2017-03-03Fix path where we get tackerc from controllerGeorge Paraskevopoulos1-1/+1
SFTP does not expand ~ to $HOME dir Change-Id: I2d710c577986152a5cc703ca3668ae7b7767a07e Signed-off-by: George Paraskevopoulos <geopar@intracom-telecom.com>
2017-03-02Merge "Add marks to specify that symmetric_service_chain test is not ok"Manuel Buil2-0/+6
2017-03-02Add marks to specify that symmetric_service_chain test is not okJuan Vidal2-0/+6
Due to JIRA SFC-86, this test is not working (althouth it will pass with a topology where all the VMs are deployed in a single compute node). Change-Id: I98231d22a0b340c305ba83ee78634c83fa4dc7e7 Signed-off-by: Juan Vidal <juan.vidal.allende@ericsson.com>
2017-03-01Remove get_floating_ip_2 from sfc_symmetric_chainJuan Vidal2-36/+41
Using the new functions in functest to retrieve the nova ID for a VNF instance, it is possible to use a generic solution at the problem of getting floating ips deterministcally to the instances Change-Id: Ie77820b0f466dcbf8ac771f12b5aee55ef74ead5 Signed-off-by: Juan Vidal <juan.vidal.allende@ericsson.com>
2017-02-24Merge "Create downstream classifier in symmetric-chain test"Manuel Buil2-7/+32
2017-02-23Reduce logging level of run_cmdJuan Vidal1-9/+11
run_cmd does not have enough information to determine if something should be logged with ERROR level. For example, you might want to repeat a command until it succeeds, and you would expect it to fail the first times, so it would not be an error in that context. Let's keep the debug logging only, which should be informative for troubleshooting. Change-Id: I72bc40e58d19188b83ad289fe7fa2b4453d5ad56 Signed-off-by: Juan Vidal <juan.vidal.allende@ericsson.com>
2017-02-23Create downstream classifier in symmetric-chain testJuan Vidal2-7/+32
Also, fix some wrong parameters, and add a script to delete the artifacts created by the test case Change-Id: I354007e75da62c706e79c793a9e6a422a6a50bf1 Signed-off-by: Juan Vidal <juan.vidal.allende@ericsson.com>
2017-02-23Merge "Improve readability of ping function"Brady Johnson1-23/+6
2017-02-23Use baseline topology on symmetric chain testcaseJuan Vidal1-5/+17
The topology for this test is fixed for the Danube release. When it is stable for some time, we can try changing topologies. Change-Id: I43f06ff973c74fbaea3aa9161f7a177b3ee94791 Signed-off-by: Juan Vidal <juan.vidal.allende@ericsson.com>
2017-02-22Improve readability of ping functionJuan Vidal1-23/+6
The function now uses return codes instead of parsing the output of the command. Unused options have been removed as well. Added a default retry_timeout for the command to avoid ping hangs. Change-Id: I8c1f0f03d8b1e3092743c8745399a08fa7df8e40 Signed-off-by: Juan Vidal <juan.vidal.allende@ericsson.com>